Transportation in Iran

Here you get to learn about the public transportation in Iran. First we talk about long-distance transportation (from one city to another) and after that the local transportation system.

1. Long distance

Buses in Iran

The most common type of transportation in Iran is by bus. It’s always very easy to buy a bus ticket in any town. Short distance or long distance, any time of a day, you just need to go to the nearest bus terminal or simply buy a ticket online (of course you’ll need a local’s help, because you can pay only with a local debit card). Buses are mainly divided to 2 types, the regular type, and the VIP. It’s naturally more expensive to buy a VIP bus ticket (around 40%), but it’s totally worth it and still pretty cheap. For instance a VIP bus ticket from Tehran to Esfahan (which is almost 6 hours) costs around 8 US$ whilst a regular bus is about 5 US$.

VIP buses are very comfortable, well air-conditioned and you can lean back the seat to have a nap. There are usually 25 seats in a VIP bus. But in the regular type there are more than 40 seats.

Airplanes in Iran

Not every city in Iran has an airport, but almost all of the touristic cities have at least one (please see the map HERE). An airplane ticket in Iran is relatively expensive, just like other countries. But it’s still cheap compared to European countries. For example a flight from Tehran to Shiraz usually costs something between 30-60 US$.

Some of the airplanes are quite old and not in a good condition, so if you decide to take a domestic flight in Iran, it’s better to make sure that the airplane is a standard one.

There are many websites to buy a flight ticket, but most of them are in Farsi. There are also some English websites which you can pay the price using an international credit/debit card. “” is one of them. To save all the trouble of online paying and stuff, you can always go to the nearest travel agency which can be found in every city and even small towns.

Trains in Iran

You can travel to most of the touristic cities in Iran by train. There are trains with 3 different qualities moving along these railways. Train tickets are relatively cheap in Iran. For example a normal train ticket from Tehran to Yazd costs around 8-9 US$. There are some local websites to buy train tickets, but for tourists it’s more convenient to go to a travel agency.

Hitching in Iran

We know for sure, that if you’re a true hitch hiker, nothing can stop you :D

YES, it’s possible to hitch hike in Iran too, but just like other countries, it has some potential risks. There are some people who say that Iran is the heaven of hitch hikers, because people are super friendly. But some other people find it dangerous. We leave this decision to you. Just remember that if you are travelling solo, it’s better not to hitch hike.


2. Short Distance (inside a city)

Taxi in Iran

Taxi is very common among people in Iran. But we mean “shared taxi” actually. You can find a shared taxi in every single area of every single city in Iran. There are different prices for each specific route, but one thing is for sure, it’s much cheaper than a normal taxi. The normal taxi(the one that you’re the only passenger(s) in the car) are called “darbast”. So if you’re trying to get a shared taxi, just make sure it’s not “darbast”. In Tehran, sharing a cab is the best way of getting somewhere which doesn’t have a metro or bus station. Sharing a cab on a very long distance in Tehran costs 1 US$, at most. But the same distance with a “darbast” taxi might cost more than 5 US$.

Metro in Iran

Rapid transit, tube, subway or anything you call it, is called metro in Iran. Metro is available in Tehran, Mashhad, Esfahan, Tabriz, and a small area in Karaj. Tehran Metro has 6 lines and it almost covers most areas in Tehran, except the north-west. The trains are in good shapes, with nice air-conditioning. But it’s always packed with people and chances of getting a seat is very low! But it’s very cheap. A 1-way ticket is about 15 cents and if you buy a card, it’s even cheaper.

You can find the Tehran Metro Map here.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Iran

There are bus transit systems in most of the cities in Iran. But in the major cities like Tehran, there’s a special infrastructure for Bus Rapid Transit which allows the buses to move around very fast, despite all the traffic. BRT is also very cheap like metro.

You can find the Tehran BRT map here.

Last word, it's very easy to move around in Iran. Everything's working well and on time. You can always ask a local to help you find some place or buy a ticket. So pack your stuff, and come to this amazing country.


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