Climate of Iran 

Iran is a vast country. One might find both green jungles and inhabitant deserts, mountains and flat meadows. Caspian sea in the north and Persian gulf in south have totally different climates. All these are reasons for Iran to be as a four seasons country. You can find lots of exciting places to visit all along the year.



Iran is a four seasons country as we said before. From May to July, it’s spring time in Iran. Summer starts form June and ends in August in Iran. September, October and November are considered as autumn and it is winter during December, January and February in Iran. Despite this, in some particular times of the year, for example during February you can feel the cold breeze of winter in the north and the nice, warm winds of spring in the south on a same day!

People going out during Spring
People go out in Nowruz to enjoy the nice weather


Best time to travel to Iran?

If you’re planning to visit Iran, the best time is definitely during March, April and May. In this period the temperature is pleasant in most parts of the country. High season is known to be Nowruz(Iranian new year) which happens to start from 21st March to 3rd April. During this period all the hotels are usually full and the prices are high. Iran’s major cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz have an ideal temperature in this time of the year.

All the trees turn to gold or red in Autumn


Summer and early autumn

The temperature rises during June and July. If you’re not used to hot weathers, it’s better for you to go to West. The Mountains in the west can be a perfect spot to visit in summer.

After August and early September, the temperature begins to lower, so it would be nice again to visit the most popular cities in Iran. August happens to be one of the most popular periods of the year for Iranian people to travel around the country.

Milad tower Snow
In Iran winters are cold and snowy



How bad is the cold?!

In most parts of Iran, especially in the north and north-west the temperature drops below zero during January and February. Some hotels and hostels have special offers in this period. But if you’re not a fan of cold weather, you can travel south which has a more moderate temperature. Particularly the Persian Gulf coast can be the ideal destination in Iran during winter. There are also some exciting, beautiful islands in Persian Gulf e.g. Kish or Qeshm which are best to be visited in the autumn or winter.

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