Payment Options in Denj Hostel

You can make an on-line booking through booking system NO CHARGE IN ADVANCE.

  • You can make a reservation by email. We will send you our offer. If you admit our offer, then we will send you our confirmation. You pay everything at the reception table during your visit in cash.
  • Currently, due to imposed sanctions on Iran we cannot offer online payment option and the only choice for paying charges in is cash. (if you're worry about carrying cah while travelling in Iran read more about Bank Melli tourist card)
  • We accept USD, EURO and Tomans. If you need to exchange your money, you can do it at the airport. Otherwise, don't worry, we are in the proximity of trade & exchange center of Tehran (Ferdowsi Sq.), You can exchange your money when you arrive at our hostel. To see today's Tomans Exchange rates to USD, EURO Click here

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