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Whether you are arriving into Tehran by plane, train, bus, or automobile, there are many ways to get to Denj Hostel.

Everyone who is planning to travel to Tehran should know that Tehran's streets are highly congested. Thus, the availability of places in our city will be determined by their distance from metro stations. Being located in the proximity of Taleghani Metro Station, you can easily get to almost all regions of Tehran at a very low price.

Click on the link below to get directions in Google map.

  Denj Hostel's Location in Google Map


  • Step One: You should go to the nearest Metro Station. Metro Tickets are quite cheap and you can buy them at every station.
  • Step Two: Using metro map you should get yourself to the Enqelab Station. 
  • Step Three: Watch for the EXIT signs and come out of the station. Walk east for 500 meters along the Enqelab St. Until you get to Daneshgah St., Cross Enqelab street toward south, follow Daneshgah St. walk toward south until you get to Fakhr-e-razi St., after you get to Islami alley turn to the right . Walk 100 meters and 2nd dead end is on your left, No 5 is our Hostel.
  • Tehran Metro/Subway Lines Map 2016
  • To download Tehran metro/subway map android or ios app click here
  • Read our Tehran Metro guide on Sfiran

2. Mehr Abad Airport


4. Beyhaqi Terminal

5. West Terminal

6. Jonub Terminal


2. Taking a Taxi:

Tehran’s taxi charges are inexpensive, so you can just stand at one side of a street and wait for the yellow cabs to come. When one of the cabs stopped, just tell him "DARBAST" (this is "hey taxi" equal in Persian) and read for the taxi driver the following address in English, or you can just give the Farsi translation of the address to him. According to your location, your fare varies from 50000 Rials to 500000 Rials.

English#5, 2nd Dead end, Islami alley, Eastern Masteri Farahani alley, Fakhre Razi st., Enghelab st.,Tehran.
Farsi translation: تهران، خیابان انقلاب، خیابان فخررازی، کوچه ماستری فراهانی(سمت شرقی)، کوچه اسلامی، بن‌بست دوم، انتهای کوچه پلاک 5
Denj Hostel's Address in Farsi: Enghelab, Fakhre Razi, Kuche Masteri Farahani, kuche Eslami, Bon Baste Dovvom, Pelaake 5.


Contact Info

Fakhr-e Razi St., Enghelab st.,Tehran  

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